2010 Suzuki Burgman 200 Review

2010 Suzuki Burgman 200With today’s traffic, Scooters are getting increasingly popular! There’s loads of scooters on the market and as time goes by more and more makes are coming up with some innovative ones to make sure we have something for everyone’s tastes! Today, I’m sharing with you a review of a 2010 Suzuki Burgman 200!

Remember my first 2 wheeled vehicle, a Hyosung 100cc Scooter 🙂 Have to admit it was quite a good one and did work a lot but personally never liked Scooters that much! It wasn’t so comfortable and since then always went for proper motorcycles! Yeah, scooters for me aren’t motorcycles 😉

Burgman 200ccI lately came across this 2010 Suzuki Burgman and aesthetically I liked it immediately! I thought to give it a try, even though, from my experience, I thought I would never go back on one 😛 Have to admit that as soon as I sat on it it felt great ….. it was so comfortable! I immediately felt at ease on it! Started it and off I went! 🙂

Compared to the bikes I owned and the ones I own today, at first this Burgman felt like a toy in my hands but this feeling didn’t last that long! After driving it round a couple of blocks I immediately began appreciating its comfort, its handling, it’s safety feeling and more and more its sporty feeling! Yeah, it’s just a Scooter but it does feel it can give its rider some good pleasure! 200cc is quite a small engine but this Burgman delivers power immediate and it does so really smoothly! Have to admit I was impressed how much a scooter can be so responsive!! This particular model comes without ABS but brakes as as good as with!

Superb Maxi ScooterStopped the trial for some time and decided to have a look at the practical side of this scooter. Well, those who opt to buy a scooter do so for few reasons, practicality, maneuverability and comfort! As already pointed above, the comfort this scooter gives you is something impressive! It’s a very agile scooter and it does give you that safety sensation! Practicality? Sure!! With the number of compartments this scooter has, it’s almost impossible to remain without space 😉 2 small compartments on the right and left side of the dashboard, 1 good-sized lockable compartment in the middle and a very big compartment under the seat!! Need to put some keys / coins where they’re so handy? Sure, on the front! Need to do some shopping? No problem, can put whatever under the seat! Need to place your helmet/s somewhere safe without the risk of scratching them while you’re hanging around? The compartment under the seat is big enough to easily hold 2 full size helmets! Guys, this scooter is just amazing!!

For those looking for that bit of technical details, here’s something for you!! It’s a single cylinder 4 stroke injection engine with a wet sump lubrication and a liquid cooling  system! It comes in automatic transmission, belt driven and a dry shoe, automatic, centrifugal type clutch!

If you’re looking for a practical day to day vehicle that can as well give you some good time then this scooter is surely THE Scooter for you!!!

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