2013 Yamaha Super Tenere News

In these last couple of weeks we shared with you some of the info we managed to group out of other websites, details we got directly from the official manufacturers, etc …. of some of the best-selling adventure bikes of the time. We have, so far, talked about BMW, with their new F700GS, their update on the F800GS and their complete new liquid cooled boxer engine that is being tested on the new 1250GS. As most of you know, the latter will take place of the present air-cooled boxer engine that has been used for years/centuries.

Today, we tried to get some info on whether Yamaha is planning any updates for their Super Tenere. Iโ€™m sorry to say BUT they either are so discreet that they managed to keep all details secretly or they are in fact not planning to come out with any alterations for 2013.

The Super Tenere is surely one of the strongest competitor of BMW’s R1200GS. I had the opportunity to talk to owners of both models and whilst the majority said that their bike is the best ๐Ÿ™‚ some preferred to be more correct by saying that, apart from a personal make preference, then it boils down to whether one is inclined towards on-road and/or off-road use. Those who did try them both, and maybe even the 990 Adventure of KTM, point out that while the BMW is the most comfortable bike for on-road and long distance travel and KTM is a great fun bike for off-road use, Yamaha’s Super Tenere is as great on off-road as much as on on-road! This surely hurts most BMW owners, just like it did to me, being a BMW owner myself ย ๐Ÿ˜‰ They are surely all great bikes but understandably they all have different to offer!

Then this leaves me with one question …….. Are Yamaha’s engineers so happy with the Super Tenere that they donโ€™t see any need for any updates at this stage?

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