BMW F800GS vs Triumph Tiger 800XC Reviews

I was lately looking at these 2 bikes, the BMW F800GS, an icon in the off-r0ad /enduro market, and the Triumph Tiger XC, a complete new enduro bike for the 800 category. Surely, the F800GS is a well know bike and have heard a lot about it but the Tiger is still in it’s early stage. However, the first things that have been heard is that the Tiger surely copied a lot from the GS, however, it looks like Triumph have done a good job! They wanted to make sure they get into this market with a good start from the beginning.

I haven’t tried any of these bikes personally so can’t talk about my personal experience, therefore I have decided to group a couple of points I gathered from the numerous articles I read / videos I watched. The BMW F800GS surely doesn’t need much of any introduction! It forms part of the BMW GS family, an enduro style of bike but it’s more based on off-road use rather than on-road. One didn’t point out much negatives points about it, apart from the fact that it feels bit light on the front, with its 21″ wheel, when used on paved roads, especially when with a pillion and luggage. Other than that, the only other point to mention is its height. To be well appreciated, one must be of a certain height, it’s not a bike for everyone!

Going for the Triumph Tiger 800XC, as mentioned earlier, it’s still fairly new on the market, thus we still have to wait and hear about how reliable this bike is when ridden for a number of miles / kilometers. Having said that, from the test drives and initial response from present owners, it already benefits from some good overall opinions. Many say that this is surely a good alternative for the GS, when the main interest is in both on and off-road use. However, contrary to the GS, a bike that feels surely at home when driven on gravel / off-road, the Tiger 800XC feels more at home when driven on road / gravel. Even though it’s great on off-road too, it’s still not as capable as much as the GS is! Another plus point for the XC is its engine, a 3 cylinder one compared to the twin on the GS. Punch might not be as much as that on the GS but definitely gives a smoother touring feeling and high end power.

Am sure that both bikes are worth every penny spent on them but the choice should then me on what you really want to do most when driving. You’re more into off-road use? Then surely the GS is a winner! If you’re more into touring and don’t mind having any other bike other than a BMW, than the Tiger 800XC looks like it’s a good alternative.

As I mentioned above, I never rode any of these bikes so would appreciate having some opinions from those who own any one of these bikes! Will be looking forward to hear from you!


  1. GS v Tiger – By Monika Newbound “BMW Endurance Guinness Champion of the world”

    If you had no motor biking experience, no knowledge of maintenance, zero miles of overland travel and you had to choose just one bike to circumnavigate the world, ride above the Arctic circle not once but three times, cross the Sahara, Kavir, Gobi and Mojave Deserts, traverse world’s highest mountains passes in the freezing subzero temperatures of winter then go on to smash not one but two Endurance Guinness World records then do you seriously have to ask the question?
    One word separates the two bikes, one word will be the difference, one word drives success, one word defines tradition, one word showcases heritage, one word has proven itself time and time again, one word bring smiles, one word brakes all the rules, one word excites the imagination, one world always wins!

    That word is Consumer – “CONFIDENCE “ – BMW GS is the only choice !

    Monika Newbound
    Double Motorcycle Endurance Guinness Champion of the world 2012

  2. In Turkey we are seperated as BMW lovers and BMW haters! 🙂 I seperate myself from them by saying “Every bike has it’s own purpose”.

    After having two F650GSs I decided to have a more powerful and more offroad oriented bike. 650GSs did really very good job for me on long distance trips and in highlands (above 3000 meters) they have fit me very well because I’m 1.68m high and only 65kgs.

    After some search again I stuck to another BMW which could satisfy my needs, more power, more height but same fuel consumption and comfort at almost same weight. Please don’t offer me some other brands which are as heavy as an F800GS and me on it!

    Yes I chose 800GS but I had some doubts about the height. How could I ride a bike almost taller than me? Please believe me you can! Now I join my friends with KTM’s on every road condition. The thing that can only stop me is my rookiness! (still after 50.000km on 650GS) 🙂 KTM’s can go better offroad but F800GS can go better everywhere.

    I have never ridden any Tiger but I think it would fit Turkish riders cause most of them buy expensive enduros and sell them with a title “Never even ridden under the rain”!

  3. Tiger v BMW GS

    I have never ridden a Tiger, therefor I can only write about my own personal experiences!

    My passion is Off-road riding! My hobbies are Adventure photography and exploring the unknown. During the last decade my GS has crossed the unforgiving terrain of Mongolia, Kazakhstan, Iran, Turkey and Siberia plus burned an adventurous trail through the Sahara, Kavir, Gobi and Mojave Deserts and I have achieved all of this with almost zero knowledge of motorbike mechanics.

    My BMW GS today has quarter of a million of Kilometers on the clock. It has now had 11 years continuous use. I doubt there are few bikes in the world today that have sustained so much non-asphalt riding over such a long period in every inconceivable climate or terrain as my BMW GS.

    The truth is when I started I was a dreamer more than a biker, I was an adventurer more than a rider and with a heart as big as a lion and practically zero experience of motorbikes or mechanics and armed with nothing more than the world’s greatest smile. I was able to ride my BMW GS into the Guinness Book of records by doubling one Endurance World record, and trebling a second. I have achieved Winning Success did live a million dreams and marveled in so many sensational cultures. So why would I choose the BMW GS over any other bike it’s as simple as this!

    My BMW GS has over “250 000K” on the clock and is as good today as when I first got over a decade ago. I have circumnavigated planet earth by the world’s widest axis, smashed two Endurance Guinness World records, explored four of the most uninhabitable deserts in the world and ridden three times above the Arctic Circle and I today I am still a Dreamer and I still know hardly anything about motorbike mechanics.

    This is much more than a Adventure Endorsement – “It’s a Winning Fact“

    Simon Newbound

  4. I recently returned to bikes (Yamaha, Ossa, Dalesman, Bonneville, CB750, R100RS,Fireblade, Ninja900) after a 10 year gap, and bought a Tiger with the higher screen. I’ve just crossed Europe on it (on road) and can say that it is the most comfortable bike I’ve ever owned. Over 900 kms in one day and not a single ache or pain – I could have easily done more. Cruises at 80mph and is really smooth. Fantastic engine and brilliant on pot-holed mountain roads.

    I can’t comment on off road use, but if you want a great road bike go for a test ride!

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