Compare BMW R1200GSA Air vs Liquid-Cooled

The Bike That Dominated The Enduro Market For Years!

Here we are, just bit more than a year since the new BMW R1200GS Advenrture / R1200GSA liquid cooled version has been available for sale! But how is it compared to the old air-cooled one? We did some research for you and came out with some details which we think have struck us and those who test drive / owned each one of them!

Let’s go through some of the technical stuff 1st! Apart from the new redesigned engine to make it a water-cooled one, there isn’t much difference in the performance, even though one could feel there is! In theory, the Bore x Stroke and the engine capacity has been kept the same, at 101mm x 73mm & 1170cc respectively, but with a 5Nm extra max torque on the new liquid-cooled one! Both engines are EU 3 specs and both with a max speed of over 200km. The new model enjoys an oil lubricated clutch compared to the dry plate one on the old. There has then been a slight change in the tyre dimension, where now the new liquid cooled one enjoys a slightly more wider tyres, both on the front and on the rear! Dimensions are in general same and weight too, with the old air-cooled one, on paper, marked as being kg lighter when it’s fully fuelled and road ready!

How do they perform on the road thought?

Answers will be posted soon!

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