Moto GP Accident Marco Simoncelli

Last weekend we’ve heard, and most of us seen as well in real time, the death of a champion, Marco Simoncelli. Marco showed us from the beginning that he was going to give some hard time to the other Moto GP champions, especially to Valentino Rossis! It was at the Malaysia circuit that Marco lost his life and, as most are saying, it looks like this accident was unavoidable. It was an unfortunate situation that Marco had to end up exactly in between and under 2 other motorbikes, those of Colin Edwards and Valentino Rossi!

I’m not going to say much about Marco, I will leave it up to you to share with us your views about the accident and Marco himself. What I can say is that he showed he’s a tough guy and loved bikes as much as he loved his life. He was a great champion and I’m sure a number of you would love to be like him and feel that passion for bikes as much as he did!

Just few lines about Marco’s carreer;
– In 2002 Marco wins the European title for the 125cc
– In June 2008 he won the first 250 cc at the Italian GP
– Became the 230cc World Champion in 2008
– Finished 3rd in the 2009 World Championship
– Moved to MotoGP riding a Honda in 2010
– Claimed his first pole in June 2011, at Catalunya GP
– Managed to get the first podium in August 2011 at Czech Republic GP
– Finished 2nd place in October 2011 at Australian GP

RIP Marco and keep an eye on us all from up there! You will be remembered forever!

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