New 2013 BMW R1250GS Liquid Water Cooled Boxer

Here we again, talking about BMWs!!! Last week we shared with you some of the latest info on the new 2013 BMW F700GS and F800GS! These 2 have been officially launched at the BMW Bikers Meeting in Garmisch-Partenkirchen just last weekend. Today, we’re sharing with you a couple of details that we managed to gather, from here and there, with regards to the NEW 2013 BMW R1250GS liquid-cooled boxer!

As we all know, BMW had no alternative than to change its air-cooled boxer engine to a liquid-cooled one due to Europe’s emission standards. BMW engineers have been working on this for years but are now getting closer to the final product. From what we can understand, the 1200cc engine will be replaced with a NEW 1250cc ….. and we should put emphasize on the word NEW! It is in fact a complete new motor, since it appears that they’ve taken no parts from the old motor! This will put an end to the approx 20 year era of the air-cooled boxer engine. Surely, it will be missed by many! However, we must point out that it looks like that BMW are still keeping an amount of air-cooling system!

Even though with this increase in cc there will surely be an increase in bhp, it seems that BMW engineers aren’t again looking at making this dual-sport motorcycle the fastest on the road ….. their aim is, as it has always been, to be THE BEST dual-sport motorcycle ever existed and sales figures, especially in these last years, do confirm this!

Some of the changes we’ve seen so far are the new positioning of the shaft drive, thus giving us an assurance of a new transmission, air vents on the sides and a new brake system. The famous high BMW standard beak appears to continue making its mark!

Surely, once this has been set up properly and did its launch in the market, we will then see some changes on the R1200R, which am assuming will then be an R1250R and the R1200RT, to end up an R1250RT! That would then lead to the real end of the air-cooled boxer era!!!

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