Stop-Ride Order For New 2014 BMW R1200RT

2014 BMW R1200RT Stop-Ride OrderThe new liquid-cooled boxer engine on the BMW motorcycles has brought numerous interest amongst bike lovers, some looking forward to it and some still thinking that BMW would be making a big mistake! Unfortunately, certain changes do bring with them some problems too! Apart from the oil leak that this new liquid-cooled engine brought with it, other problems arose too ….. and this cause with this new engine change BMW decide to freshen up a bit the whole model! One of the bikes which seems to have been been badly effected was the new BMW R1200RT, where in June BMW issued a “Stop-Ride” order for all the RT owners!!

Due to an apparent serious issues with the ESA, not only order a Stop-Ride but even to halt any sales on this particular model. Tenneco, the company supplying the shock for this model, published a legal letter saying that a possible shock failure was possible ….. even more likely to happen! For those who do not know who Tenneco are, they’re the manufacturers of Monroe and Marzocchi, apart from others! By that time, it seems like that 2 European customers had already encountered this problem! Tenneco had reproduced the shock and sent it to the effected customers in no time! Since then, BMW, New 2014 BMW R1200RT recalltogether with Tenneco, had made sure to fix the problem, work out some 8000 new shocks and distribute them accordingly! Yeah, by then, 8000 RTs have been effected worldwide!

From the info we have to-date, the exact problem was the breaking of the shock shaft where the damping piston is threaded on. It seems to be a typical machine error! Tenneco are nowadays making the necessary checks to make sure that the new fix is conclusive and up to BMW standards! Well, they need to keep on eye on their reputation too!!

Surely, BMW has been financially effected! As pointed out, in just few months, they had already sold 8000 units around the globe and wanted to make sure the owners are kept happy! In the US, BMW was giving its clients to option to choose between a $2500 cash payment for all those who were willing to wait until this new fix was in hand and installed or make use of a replacement bike plus $1,000 in credit towards BMW gear or accessories, until again the fix was ready! For those who, cause of this problem, they were feeling insecure to get back on their RT, one could opt to either choose another BMW together with a $1000 credit or even have their bike bought back!!

BMW R1200RTMistakes, errors or whatever you want to call them happen but would you expect such flop to happen on a BMW and from such a manufacturer? Another question that comes up is ….. ok, ABS is really a good invention, traction control too but do we really need all these electronics with changing of modes, etc..?? They’re nice gadgets to have but sometimes the simpler something is the better! Buy a bike for it’s purpose and leave it as it! My motto is …. “Never touch anything that is working well”! 🙂

Have you been affected by this Stop-Ride order? Have you been given these options? What have you decided?

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