What Are Your Motorcycle Plans For 2012

31st December 2011! Here we are, another year passed, another year full of motorcycle shows, motorcycle tours, motorcycle news, etc …… We’ve had a year full with anything we could have ever imagined, unfortunately with some bad news too, especially the tragic death of MotoGP rider Sic!!

As every other year, most of us will begin planning for their year ahead, maybe a tour they dream to go for, maybe a change of motorbike and/or the purchase of another one, some might even be considering to buy their 1st bike, etc etc …… We all have dreams and we all try to make those dreams come true!

So, what are your motorcycle plans for 2012? Until now, I was the one who always wrote the articles and shared my ideas and news with you, today, I would like you to join in and share your wishes!! You would like to know mine? Sure, here they are!

  • A trip to Morocco with my BMW R1150GS
  • A couple of trips, even short ones, to neighbouring Sicily and Italy
  • Make this motorcycle blog a more popular place where bikers and/or bike enthusiasts can find regular up-to-date news and continuously keep giving you the chance to offer you, the readers, more and more discounts / incentives
  • Begin planning for a charity ride to take place in the very near future.

Don’t want much, would be happy with this for 2012 ….. 2013 should be a more demanding one 😛

Looking forward to hear from you guys!!!

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