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If you’re a biker than it must mean you love freedom and most of us feel they’re free only when they’re out there looking for new horizons with their motorbikes. Possibilities are endlesss, starting from short individual breaks, enjoying some nice areas close to your own country, to endless roads together with a group!

Going somewhere on your own is easy and not. In a way it’s nice to be completely free, spend the time you wish in a particular place, stop wherever you feel like, etc ….. but what if you’re not so much into mechanics and require to do some small jobs? What if you have a small accident and there’s no one around you to help you? Like everything, there’s pros and cons. When traveling on ones own, one tends to keep back from staying away for long …… the issue of security is usually felt more than if within a group.

If you’re not so adventurous that would leave all behind and travel on your own, then the next option would be to join a local group and/or check out the tours some agents are organising throughout the year. There’s also the option to rent out a motorcycle at your destination and visit thouroughly your area. As I said, options are endlesss!

I’ve never been abroad on a motorbike so far but am hoping to have my first experience in the very near future. Well, I was supposed to do this last week but fell sick! However, I’ve dreamt to do this for years now and I will keep persisting until I would have done it! Whoever had such an experience and wants to share his/her views, he/she is more than welcome to do so. Am sure everyone is looking forward to read each others experiences!

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