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GS RomaniaWe all have dreams and, being a biker, we surely dream of riding through some great roads around the globe, be it mountain passes, never-ending curves, nice scenery, typical villages, desert, etc ….. BUT what are usually the problems we always encounter? Am sure everyone confirms that the main questions are usually ….

– Shall I go with my own bike?
– If not, then is there a company at the destination where I can rent out a reliable bike?
– Shall I go on my own or with a group?
– Shall I join one of these organised tour groups?

Questions and decisions are never-ending and usually, if you decided not to go with your own motorcycle, then the most important thing is to find a company who can supply you with a good reliable bike that will be able to handle the roads you wish to go for! There are loads of Motorcycle Rental Agents out there but you’re surely not looking for a garage around the corner who’s renting out scooters or some other motorcycles with a small engine ….. you tend to need something more big, robust, comfortable and that can withstand long distances!

If you then decide to join one of these organised tours, with or without your bike, then your next most important question is usually who you’re going to trust, which Motorcycle Tour Agent you’ll go with! Everyone can organise tours but who is doing this really professionally? It’s important they’ve done this for quite some time and really knows what they’re doing. What’s important too is the backup team, if any, there will be behind to group. The backup is usually used to carry some or all of your luggage, carry parts you might need in case your bike breaks down, have a trailer available to even carry those motorcycle that won’t be able to be fixed on site, etc… Safety is one of the most important factors when riding a motorcycle, especially when you’re not in your home country!

With the help of this article, there won’t be any need to look any further! Hereunder, we’re sharing with you a list of number of Motorcycle Tour and Rental Agents around the globe! Yeah, we’re doing our best to cover a number of suppliers worldwide that can help us make our dreams come true and, above all, put our minds at rest that, whichever company we’re going for a tour with, or just renting out our dream bike, are reliable!

This is not just a list like the others! To THANK YOU for being our reader we’ve even NEGOTIATED A DISCOUNT for you! Would like to know what’s the discount? Simple ….. Contact us today letting us know what you’re looking for and we’ll get back to you accordingly!

The list will be updated regularly, just give us time to deal with each company one by one! 🙂 Just keep visiting the page and you’ll be amazed with the comprehensive list we’re preparing for you and the discounts negotiated! 😉

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Australia & New Zealand
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Middle East
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