New Caberg Tourmax Helmet Review

r2014-07-04 21.02.35How many of you have been looking for an Enduro style helmet but at the same time features an internal sunvisor and, what’s most important, be a flip-up one too? Finally it’s here ….. Caberg has just launched the 1st  FLIP-UP Enduro helmet with an internal sunvisor AND also with a pinlock fitted visor!!

Yeah, you’ve read and understood correctly …. now it’s possible, thanks to Caberg, to have an enduro style helmet with internal sun visor, pinlock system and above all it’s a flip-up!!

r2014-07-04 21.02.352Today I’ll be reviewing this helmet which, in my opinion, deserves to be talked about! To start with, this polycarbonate helmet weighs +/-1600gr and is available in Metallic White, Matt Black and Matt Gun metal. Let’s first go through this helmet in more detail! It’s an Italian made helmet with a peak that automatically moves close to the visor, when opening the chin guard, in order to minimize air resistance; it locks in the up position to allow the rider to securely ride with the chin guard open; is equipped with an internal anti-scratch sunvisor and a double lens pinlock. The Tourmax is also ready for Caberg Just Speak Easy Bluetooth Communication.

r2014-07-04 21.02.353We’ve been through some of the technical details of his New Caberg Tourmax Helmet but I’ll be sharing with you a little bit of an insight about this helmet on the road! As soon as one wears this helmet one can immediately appreciate how comfortable it is! Personally, it’s so comfortable that it immmediately brought up the comfort I had in my Schubert. Fixed the chin strep, unlocked the flip-up part, closed it, started the engine and off I went! First impression was really good, it just feels great!!

When choosing a helmet, apart from the safety aspects, one is usually always concerned about the wind affect, whether you’ll feel some kind of turbulence and the noise! Caberg has r2014-07-04 21.02.359surely did some good research on the wind affect as, even though I was riding with a very short screen, its aerodynamics are so well designed that I didn’t feel any kind of turbulence. Couldn’t feel any kind of vibrations on the peak either! Now, wind noise 🙂 Well, being an enduro style helmet one can’t expect to have a complete silence! Having said that, I feel that the way it’s designed it makes it possible to reduce considerably the wind noise and the wind you still hear is somehow not disturbing.

r2014-07-23 09.02.02The double visor pinlock system works great but, in this helmet, it is a bit of a hassle to mount it in 🙂 It’s the first helmet I had that had this so am not sure if all are this challenging 😉 To install it, you need to unscrew 2 side screws, take off the peak and you really must be very careful not to have the flip-up part fall off! When you take off these 2 screws you’re literally ending up with nothing holding this part. That done, you take off the visor and install it. The other drawback is that the screws get scratched very easily, as shown in this photo!

A more in depth review will follow shortly!

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