Turkey Motorcycle Tours With Compass Expeditions

Founded in 2005, Compass Expeditions is expanding rapidly ……… and this is the result of the dedicated professional team who do not see this as a business but as a hobby; their main aim is to give us, like-minded bikers, the opportunity to experience such magnificent places with them and at the same time putting our mind at rest that we are well taken care of due to their past experience and expertise in such tours. To confirm all this, all we need to check is who are their main clients ….. simple, repeat clients and friend and families of these same clients. They have enjoyed so much their trips/expeditions that they are nowadays indirectly promoting this same company by word of mouth, while sharing their experiences. The demand is increasing day after day, with some of the old clients now asking also for new destinations too. Since Compass Expeditions always keeps the clients in mind, they have just released a new range of motorcycle tours in the fabulous destination of Turkey; these exciting range of rides will begin shortly, in 2012.

With 3 different tours, all of 10 days in duration, Compass Expeditions are offering something for all tastes and is also trying to offer different departure dates as to make sure that those interested in such tours can find the ideal dates. Please find some details hereunder.

Anzav Tour
22.04 – 01.05.12
Rider: € 3990 / Co-Rider: € 1990

Cappadocia Discoverer
15.05 – 24.05.12 / 26.06 – 05.07.12 / 20.09 – 29.09.12
Rider: € 3990 / Co-Rider: € 1990

Western Classic Turkey
05.06 – 14.06.12 / 04.09 – 13.09.12
Rider: € 3990 / Co-Rider: € 1990

To commemorate the 100th anniversary of the landing at Gallipoli Compass Expeditions, in conjunction with its Turkish partners, the company will also be offering a 21 day ANZAC ride in 2015 encompassing all that the wonderful Turkey has to offer.

ANZAC Treasures of Turkey
22.04 – 12.05.15
Prices still to be confirmed!

Of course all tours will be conducted using the impressive range of BMWs from the GS series!

The features that have made Compass Expeditions one of the worlds most foremost award winning motorcycle tour companies will be part of this Turkey ride experience.

To finish off, we have as well teamed up with Compass Expeditions and are offering BikersCurve’s readers a DISCOUNT of 2.5% on the published prices; just point out that you’re a reader of our blog when affecting a booking!

More details on these tours can be found at www.compassexpeditions.com/home/turkey.html


    • Hi Ken, thanks for your interest. We’re forwarding your details to the organisers as to than contact you accordingly! In the meantime, you can have a look at the details found on the company’s website organising this same trip, whose link is found at the bottom of the article.

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