2018 Honda Gold Wing Luxury Tourer

2018 Honda Gold Wing Luxury Tourer

We’ve been waiting for a new revamped Honda Gold Wing since some time now but the wait is over! Honda just unveiled its new 2018 Honda Gold Wing Luxury Tourer. The history of the Gold wing dates back to the ‘70s. It was exactly in 1975 when Honda unveiled the GL 1000, a liquid cooled horizontally opposed 4 cylinder 999cc engine. What started as being a top secret project, today it became one of the legendary touring machines ever existed.

Today, Honda are pleased to announce that this 2018 version is the most intelligent and powerful Gold Wing every existed. It comes with a new engine, new frame, new suspension and a redesigned style. They claim to have listened to its customers and created a perfect machine tailor-made for them and any future ones. Incredible but true, this new 2018 Honda Gold Wing Luxury Tourer comes with approx. 40kg less weight. Some of you might not be happy with just this, continue reading. Apart other things. it comes with a 7-speed Automatic Dual Clutch Transmission and Apple CarPlay Integration. Still not enough?

The new 2018 Honda Gold Wing Luxury Tourer will be available in 5 different models. There’s a base model, the Gold Wing, followed by a Gold Wing with Automatic DCT, Gold Wing Tour, Gold Wing Tour Automatic DCT and Gold Wing Tour Airbag Automatic DCT. They all come with the 1833cc 6 cylinder engine and, apart from the standard one, all come with standard reverse gear too.

Some might know the story of the Gold Wing inside out but I’m sure there’s as many who have no clue where it’s story started from. Best Touring Motorcycle MachineThis is why I thought to share this brief summary with you, am sure you’ll be amazed. As pointed earlier, the first Gold Wing dates back to 1975, a naked bike with a 1000cc engine. The first time this model started taking the shape of today’s touring machine was in 1980, when Honda unveiled its Interstate model. This first fully dressed tourer was available to give extra that extra look and protection with its complete fairing. It was from this time that motorcycle manufacturers started working on models for long haul trips and have to say that most did a great job! Some of today’s best machines for such style and comfort are surely this, the 2018 Honda Gold Wing Luxury Tourer and the BMW K1600GTL, apart from the Harleys

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