Motorbike Rental

As time goes by, we’re seeing the increase of rental companies offering not only cars, vans, campers, etc …. but also motorbikes. This is because the number of persons who are looking at still enjoying some good rides even when they’re outside their country is increasing. When possible, most bikers prefer to go with their own but sometimes, be it cause of the lack of time, hassle to ship to bike from one country to another or cause it’s not financially feasable, it’s more worth it to rent one from the country visiting.

A wide range is being offered in most countries and in some others one can find full ranges, starting from Scooters to big BMW bikes, Harley Davidson, etc ….. We will here try to group some companies, by country, to help out those who do not already have their own contacts. Keep coming to look for the latest updates!



Australia / New Zealand


North America

South America

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