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I’m a biker myself and the idea around this website is to group in one place a number of interesting articles, personal experiences, news, etc ….. , be it for bikers, motorcycle lovers and for all those who, even though they might not like bikes or never really considered owning one, still would like to know what’s going on within the bikers’ world!

Looking forward to share with you whatever I go through and to have a number of you who will participate by commenting on the same articles. Just browse around the pages and/or posts and enjoy the rest of the site, am sure you’ll find something that will interest you!! 🙂

Some words about me now ……… I’ve been a motorcycle lover since I was a child. I remember dreaming of becoming a traffic police officer just for the simple reason to have the excuse of riding one every single day! 🙂 Yeah, some might think I’m crazy but bikers won’t!

We, real bikers, don’t own a bike as a means of transportation, we own one cause we love to feel free, we appreciate nature more than others, we love living life! Some people have a bad idea about bikers, they think that bikers are strange people or some kind of tough guys / gals, but it’s not true! It’s not the first time that I end up giving a shock to someone …… How? Just by mentioning that I’m a biker. Any idea what I’m told? Naaaah, can’t be true and no one believes me, until I show them a pic of myself alongside a bike …… they say that they could never imagined me as so and this is a pure example why bikers are normal people. The idea of being some tough looking guy has to stop!! We’re normal people, just any other. Sometimes I feel that this passion drives us close to one another ….. I’m sure that other bikers experienced this too; whenever we meet or come next to another biker, we just greet each other, even if we don’t know each other. Our passion somehow binds us to be friends and feel we form part of the same family, irrelevant of age, gender, ethnic group, colour, etc …. !!

The first time I went on a bike was at the age of around 8, or 9, if I’m not mistaken. I don’t know for how many years I’ve asked my uncle to take me for a ride on his bike. The day finally came and I feel that that was the next step to literally get crazy more and more about them. Obviously, my parents were always against it, but as bikers know, when it’s something inside of you, it remains and the more time passes the more you want it! Ahhh, forgot to mention that up till the age of 4-5 I had one of those police toy bikes …… quite cool, for those years 😛

A couple of years passed and I had my first bicycle. Well, bit same kind of feeling, sort of 😛 and definitely more tiring 😀 Years passed and still never managed to convince my parents to let me buy a motorcycle. More years passed and I’ve opened my own travel agency and decided to buy 2 scooters for rental ….. well, there was a 2nd hidden reason for this move, rather then just doing some extra money with rental! Yes …… to eventually have one and to begin introducing them to my parents too; wise ehhh 😉 That worked a bit! After around a year, bought as well an easyrider, again with the main intention to rent it out but on the other hand to have something looking more like a bike than a scooter!

Time passed and my wish / dream came true ……… I bought my first real big great bike, a Honda Transalp 650! Amazing bike from all aspects and, in my opinion, it’s the best bike for an island like ours!!!

Now, earlier this year I’ve put my hands on an even bigger bike and, believe me, apart from driving a dream, for me, is the best bike ever built for my likings. What’s this bike????? The BMW GS ….. what else??? 🙂


  1. Dear Sir

    I am writting from Egypt and wondering if u r aware of Joe Randy Rust tour in Africa. She is supposed to be in Cairo by next week and would like to get hold of her.

    Thank u and ur feedback (+/-) is welcomed.


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