2013 BMW Motorrad F700GS F800GS News

Here we are again ….. talking about BMWs and their soon to be launched 2013 models!!! We’ve been eagerly waiting for the new R1200GS/R1250GS and their new water-cooled boxer engine but it looks like that BMW wish to leave us a bit more with curiosity! Instead, BMW decided to first come out with some other news, a NEW F700GS, which will replace the already popular F650GS, and the updated version of the F800GS!!!

In 2007, BMW gave us a new entry GS model, the F650GS, which was designed for those who were still new to enduro style of riding and wanting to experience both on and off-road terrain, short to medium distance travel, day to day riding, etc ….. , and another model, the F800GS, the first of its kind within the GS family! As most of you know, this was designed for medium to long distance travel but with a focus on off-road terrain! Surely, they’ve done a great job with these 2 and managed to convince a number of motorcycle enthusiasts.

Today, we are experience an update on both these models, whereas the F650GS will now become an F700GS, with an increase in power, etc ….. and an update for the F800GS. Even though we can say that both these models are on the top list for such on/off-road riding, BMW thought to keep up to their already success story!

As we all know, BMW have decided that, starting from 2013, all their models will come out with ABS as standard and these 2 are definitely not an exception. However, BMW didn’t stop there as, to complement this, they also thought to give us the possibility to have both ASC (Automatic Stability Control) & ESA (Electronic Suspension Adjustment) as optional. This is the 1st manufacturer to offer such optionals in these categories!

As already pointed earlier, the F700GS will now offer more power and torque, apart from other things, while the F800GS will come out with more dynamics, new colors, new design of acronyms, a suspension lowering kit and the much awaited even lowered seat height!

Guys, if you were considering buying this bike, than this is surely the right time to go for it! As most of you know, I love my R1150GS and my dream bike R1200GS Adventure but won’t mind owning this F800GS too 🙂

Enjoy reading and safe riding guys!

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