AGV S-4 SV Helmet Personal Review

I’m here again to talk about helmets and, today, I’m focusing on a particular brand and model ….. the AGV S-4 SV! I bought this helmet on the 2nd of March of this year and, as pointed out in one of my other articles, I’m not so happy with it. To begin with, I’m always experiencing considerable wind noise with it and it’s so strong that, while on a 3 day trip to Sicily, after doing some 200 – 300 km at one go, it did leave a bad effect on my ears. It could be that my screen is proper too and I’m looking to either alter it or change it to suit my height, however, I still believe that the helmet is not helping.

Having said that, what really disappointed me is the quality of certain parts and the risk of getting hurt with it! Yes, one can literally hurt himself/herself if not paying attention when one of the parts goes off ….. just like I did. During my trip to Sicily, the wind deflector / nose guard, the one just in front of the nose, fell off and the plastic underneath is so sharp that as soon as I grapped the helmet I cut the palm of my hand. Before that time I didn’t realise I don’t have that anymore. It’s so poorly placed that it’s very easy to take it off unknowingly. It’s literally slipped into this plastic.

Others parts confirming the low quality of this helmet are the other wind protector, the one just underneath the chin and the neck roll. In just 5 months, of which I didn’t use it regularly for the first month or 2, these 2 parts showed signs of wear and tear! The wind protector is splitting up into 2 while some of the stitches of the neck roll has gone off already!

I’ve contacted the local agent, which happens to be as well the shop I bought it from, and they’s hoping the manufacturer will send me a replacement, under guarantee. I will update you as soon as I’ll have some kind of reply confirming whether it will eventually be replaced and, if so, how long it will take to do so!

I’m sorry to say that with all this personal experience, I doubt I will ever go for another AGV. I’ve been told that there are some other models which are of better quality and, obviously, more expensive but I will never spend more money on any AGV helmet when all the AGV helmets I had always gave me trouble. What if I end up paying €400 – €500 for one and still have problems???? Think you all agree with me that it’s not worth risking it.

One last thing I would like to point it is that AGV are emphasising on “Extensive Ventilation” for this model! I doubt this is really the case as if one saw me during my trip to Sicily, every time I took off my helmet off I was literally sweating!! Some would say why I keep mentioning the trip I had in Sicily. I do this for 2 reasons ……. 1 – the trip was awesome 😀 and 2 – it was the 1st time I rode the bike for some long distances! We don’t have such roads in Malta, everything is within reach and the most I do on the motorcycle at one go is maybe 20-25 mins, and only when I decide to go for a ride around the whole island 😛


  1. I too have the same wind noise as you do and ventilation is very poor.
    I had written to but some woman, named Jill Broughton, emailed back asking me to seek the shop i bought the helmet from. Problem is the shop is about 400km away so it will have to wait.
    The light weight is superb though. The anti-fog screen doesn’t work during rain as i fog up like hell.

  2. I wish I had read this review before! I bought this helmet few months ago and got the same problems. The poorly connected breath deflector is really an issue. Mine fell as well and the sharp plastics underneath make the helmet now useless (if you don’t want to get hurt). Even more annoying is that I could not get a replacement part from local dealers or from the online shop I bought the helmet from. I sent today AGV Email asking for a replacement part…hopefully they will take some responsibility. I will update my post after they reply

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