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BMW ToursBMW Motorrad has, for years, offered its enthusiasts various courses in order to enjoy their machines to their utmost! 2014 has proved to be one of their best years and, to keep up with the demand, they came up with 10 new tours, 7 new off-road courses, 3 more rider training events and 1 updated brochure!

Some might ask why BMW is so special! Here’s the answer! BMW builds bike for every kind of persons, for every kind of taste and for every kind of pleasure! To make sure all their machines are used in the way they are meant to they came up with a number of Rider training / courses accordingly! This year, BMW, decided to focus more on Road Skills, apart from others! This will give all riders more enjoyment and more safety when on the roads! The new training events will be held in Snowdonia, the Peak District and the Cotswolds! Some of the main riding tips given during these training include the ideas of “Plan Plan BMW Off-Road SkillsPlan”, “Keep Your Eyes On Where You Want To Go”, “Talk To Yourself”, “Road Position” & ” String It All Together with IPSGA”, meaning “Information, Position, Speed, Gear & Acceleration”!

For those wanting to go in for some more adventure, 7 new off-road skills have been added, of which one trip is the Pistes & Paradors, a trip to Spain which will be available from the 12th till the 17th October, and another one to Portugal, planned for the 2nd till the 6th March 2015! A new Women Only group has been added to make sure women do get the full skills as desired!! Charley Boorman visited the BMW off-road skills and was impressed with the practical riding & skills taught during these courses and pointed out they’re surely an incredible value for money and that it’s guaranteed that the rider left competent but also content!

BMW Extra TripsTour dates have been increased to make up for the ever increasing demand but new tours to Africa, South America and New Zealand have been added accordingly! There will be a NEW Namibia Adventure from the 17th till the 31st May 2015, a NEW Land of the Incas from the 26th September till the 11th October and a New Land of the Long White Clouds from the 1st till the 14th March 2015!

More detailed info and the full updated brochure can be found on BMW’s website, World of BMW!

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