Comparing BMW R1150GS vs R1200GS Trail Enduro Bikes

The Beast R115GS vs the new R1200GS

Here we are again, talking about BMW bikes, and again about the GS models. However, today we’re going to talk about the difference between both the high-end GS models, the old R1150GS and the new R1200GS.

Let’s start from the looks ……. well, in my opinion, the R1200GS looks much better but somehow less robust than the R1150GS. I don’t know but it’s kind of made more as a “show” bike rather than a real enduro / trail bike. What was the real aim behind this newer model? Is the R1200GS really better than its predecessor 1150 GS or is it just esthetically better?

Without any doubt the engine size changed, torque too but which one from these 2 is more reliable than the other. Talking with those who have much more experience about these bikes than I do, I’ve heard both opinions, some saying they still prefer the 1150GS and some they won’t change their new 1200GS for anything in this world. I think that at the end of the day there’s more than just the looks behind these 2 models and we will be discussing this soon. For sure, the first thing to do is ask ourselves what we really want! Yeah, always the same interesting question 🙂 What am I looking to have with this bike?

I had the opportunity to drive both bikes and somehow the ride of the R1150GS felt more steady on the road. Don’t know why but, for some reason, I also felt the R1150GS more aggressive. Maybe it was cause I drove the 1150 in the roads I know while the 1200 outside my country where I wasn’t as much confident to drive a bike! Another reason for this could be cause the R1200GS gives more that sensation of being something to care for, while the 1150GS gives that impression of “try me out and I’ll show you what I’m capable of”! Somehow, on the 1150GS, I felt it’s the bike for dirt and for some real fun, for both on and off road, whilst on the 1200GS it felt more like a Sunday bike, show off and enjoy some nice rides and feeling as if you’re on your home sofa relaxing and taking it easy.

Between these 2? If I had the money to buy any of these 2 amazing bikes I would opt for the R1200GS, it matches more to what I look for in a bike!

Let us know what you think about these bikes. Share with us your views and opinions!

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