2013 Motorcycle Dakar News Updates

Dakar 2013 KarcherDay 7 …….. Calama to Salta! 6 days racing passed already and, during these days, we’ve seen our idols trying to conquer the route from Lima to Pisco, Nazca, Arequipa, Arica and Calama. They’re now ready to hit the road to finally make it till the end destination, Santiago!!!

Lopez have dominated Day 1 of this race but, with disappointment, lost this position in day 2, leaving ground to Barredo Bort’s. Day 3 saw Despres passing the finish line 1st, followed by Casteu, and making way towards the top of the general classification. Day 4 was dominated by the French, with Pain taking the lead, followed by Casteu and Despres. During this day, another Frenchman, David Fretigne had to stop twice due to some mechanical problems. Seems like that in these days we’ve seen a couple of mechanical issues which forced the drivers to stop and somehow sort their problems ….. this happened as well to Barreda Bort, when he had to stop, during day 5, due to the fuel pump problem. At the end of this day, we saw French rider Pain keeping the top position of the general standings, with his Yamaha, followed by Casteu, again driving a Yamaha. KTM, with Despres occupied the 3rd position.

There we are ….. Day 6! Even though today we had a new special stage winner, Chilean rider Chaleco, we are still seeing the 3 Frenchmen, Pain, Despres and Casteu leading the overall classification, with Lopez in the forth place.

There are more days to go and, surely, anything can still change! Keep tuned to this website and we’ll update you as it happens!

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