BMW Motorrad Oktoberfest nineT Scrambler Launch

BMW Motorrad Bhanstormer Alton 2016 Oktoberfest

Are you in/around London this weekend? Then make sure to visit BMW Motorrad, to be precise Bahnstormer Alton & Bahnstorner Maidenhead this Saturday. Why? Oktoberfest is back, back with new launches, giveaways, discounts and, above all, some complimentary German sausages! Yeah, can’t be an Oktoberfest anywhere in the world without the German sausages.

Oktoberfest this year will be celebrated, together with all those attending, at Alton Motorrad Centre. Other the German sausages, specially reduced prices and some giveaways, one will have the opportunity to meet in person Joanna Benz,Brand New BMW nineT Scrambler launch the Instagram star who will be there to share her exploits. Bike safe, as in previous years, will be there to run the test drive fleet. Fancy a particular BMW model? It will be there ready and set up for you to have a go on! Then, when you’re back from the test drive, make sure you’ll speak to one of the sales representatives as there’s some special deals on this deal. Latest bikes, like the new BMW Scrambler will as well be there available to test it out. Doors at Alton open at 09:00 and close at 17:00. Make sure to be there early as sausages will run out 😉

Whilst sausages will be given away at Alton, in Maidenhead there will be a different type of celebration, this time the focus will be on the launch of the new BMW R nineT Scrambler. Don’t worry about food, one might miss the German sausages at Maidenhead but will be able to enjoy one of the best hog roast ever cooked, prepared to you by Palmieri’s Italian Café. During this event, one could meet up with some special guests. At Maidenhead, there’s some early risers and this is why the show will start even before Aton, at 08:30 😉 All comes to an end at 17:00

Special price on BMW R1200RS SportJust to put you in the picture of the deals one can get at this year’s event, there will be a pre-registered Lupin Blue Metallic BMW R1200RS Sport SE waiting to be taken home for just £11,995. If you had an eye on this bike it’s a deal not to miss. Equipped with the latest water-cooled boxer engine, this machine is a pure jewel. Finance agreements readily available, subject to suitability.

What you’re waiting for? Organise your Saturday in between Bhanstormer Alton & Maidenhead, enjoy a test drive on these incredible machines and have lunch on the house 😉 You’ll surely won’t be disappointed. We’ve been there in previous years already, was surely worth the traveling!

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