Every When Should I Change A Motorcycle Tire?

MichelinEven though a tire, on a car, can make a difference on the type of riding pleasure, on a motorcycle it is not just a matter of riding pleasure but it’s as well an issue of safety. Choosing a tire is not anymore something to take lightly, there are so many info / details to look for to make sure you’re buying the right one and the right one for your needs.

Before going into the details of the tires themselves, I thought to begin discussing every when should one change a motorcycle tire. The quickest and simplest way to confirm whether a tire needs to be changed is with regards to the tread depth. Every tire usually does have its own tread wear indicator but, for those that do not have this, then one should check out that the depth is of no less than 0.8mm. If the tire depth is this, or even less, than a tire needs to be changed at the earliest possible. Some tires do have more than a 0.8mm depth but are still worth changing, this time it’s with regards to the age of the tire. Every tire does have it’s Shelf Life and this must be taken really seriously. Old manufactured tires must be checked thoroughly and  put aside but required.

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