Getting To Know More About The BMW R1150GS

Hi guys/gals! I’m sure you all know by now, I have in hand a BMW R1150GS …… and, believe me, I doubt I will ever take it off my hands ­čÖé The more I ride it the more I’m getting used to it and the more it’s giving me pleasure! It’s definitely the bike for me!! The GS (Gel├Ąnde/Stra├če)┬áhas been my dream since I was a child and, now that I have one, I can confirm┬áthat I was crazy about something which was really worth getting crazy for! It’s purely an amazing bike. Having said that, I still love the R1200GS Adventure and will still look at the option to buy it, one day or another, but am not sure whether I’ll end up letting the R1150GS go. The 1200 is an amazing machine but the 1150, for some reason, it gives me the feeling of being more robust, more ready for certain types of terrain / adventure.

Now, the thing is this! I’m not happy to just start it in the morning and use it for my day to day needs and go abroad with it, whenever possible. I’m so fond of this bike that would like to know more and more about it. I would like to be able to understand every single part of it, understand how all works and be good enough to even maybe do some regular maintenance work myself. I’m not after saving some money, and I would still take it to a mechanic for regular servicing, checkups, etc …… but I would like to understand it and feel it more and more part of me!

To begin with there’s obviously the Owners Manual to go through and am sure that the next book to go through is the┬áHaynes Repair Manual. Haynes have been publishing books for quite some years and, if they’re not the best, they are definitely one of the best. However, I would like to know whether anyone of you has ever came across any books / manuals who felt that they’re worth having for a more in-depth view of this/their model!

Any suggestions would be more than appreciated!

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