My 1st Overland Experience With A BMW R1150GS

This week I finally made it through my 1st overland experience with a BMW R1150GS. To begin with, let me tell you that it was great! I’ve been to Sicily a number of times but never on a motorcycle and can say that this was the experience! I know I’m going to have more of these and I believe that the more it goes the more it’s going to be better and better but, from what I’ve experienced so far, it was absolutely incredible ….. and in many aspects 😛

However, there wasn’t only nice things about it but I know that this was mainly due to the inexperience I have on such a bike. I’ve been riding this bike for these last aprpox 5 months and feel I still need more to learn ….. but I’m now even more eager to do so 🙂 Unfortunately, Malta is too small for this kind of bike so one can’t experience what this bike can really give you!

My first comment is that this is a pure beast …….. it handles brilliantly, it’s an eye catcher, it’s feels steady, it gives you the correct power needed on the long roads, it’s comfortable BUT it’s damn heavy!!! I know it’s heavy and, on the Maltese roads, after 5 months driving it almost every single day, I got used to it, but the roads that I had to pass through in Sicily were a bit scary sometimes. On the highway and on the continuous curves there’s practically all around the island, it handles like a dream but when one needs to handle the bike in turns of 90+ degrees, at low speeds and sometimes on quite some steep hills, without mentioning the danger of dropping the bike and where you’ll end if you had to fall 🙂 than there, yes, I’m still a beginner on this bike and, as I mentioned above, it was scary at some points. The weight is incredible and the height of the bike doesn’t help, even though I can easily put my feet flat on the road!

I’m still new in off-road too and never expected I had to try this beast in such roads without being really prepared for it! The hotel I stayed in was an Agritourism and, for those who have ever stayed in such accommodations in Sicily, know the roads one needs to pass from to get to them. And this wasn’t an exception 🙂 …… yes, literally had around 3 minutes of off-road, which for a person like me, who have never done this before and, especially with such a beast, were long 🙂 1st time was bit tough, 2nd time bit less, 3rd time was beginning to have fun and beginning to enjoy the feeling of the rear wheel spinning and going sideways from time to time 😛 I still say I’m a beginning though and that I practically know nothing and would like to learn more as to eventually appreciate more the bike!!

Guys, gals, I’m open to all suggestions on how I can do to learn more the way to handle this beast in the situations mentioned above. I’ve always loved this bike.

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