How Important Motorcycle Protective Clothing Is

There’s a vast range of protective clothing on the market today but how many of us are really buying and wearing it? What is really needed and why?

Let’s begin from one of the most important motorcycle gear ….. the helmet; surely a must have piece of equipment when on a bike! Having said that, in some countries, one tends to see the majority of the riders without it too, particularly in Sicily. A helmet is not there just as an ornament on our heads but it does help to reduce certain impact directly on the head during a crash. A number of bikers saved their lives cause of a helmet. Having said that, there’s helmets and helmets; I don’t usually call helmets those that only cover our upper part of the head …… I usually call these pans 🙂

Then comes the jacket and trousers. Some say that they do not really see a proper usage for such clothing but one tends to realize how effective they are when they get involved in an accident. Having your body covered and your joints and back protected by certain armor does help and, again, one tends to realize this only after they’ve experienced an accident!

Shoes? Well, proper riding equipment requires boots. From what I’ve seen so far, there aren’t many shoes designed for motorbike use but some do exist. Ideally, one is to wear proper boots and there’s some which are as good for summer as they are for winter, especially the Goretex ones, they do leave the circulation of the air but on the other hand they protect the water from coming in!

Gloves ….. what if we have an accident and try to protect our body with our hands? Definitely, we will somehow ruin our hands and seriously injuring them, if not burning them! Am not expecting the gloves to save from breaking our hands but at least we risk the seriousness of an injury!

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