Interphone Motorcycle Bluetooth System

InterphoneHow many times we bought a bluetooth communication system but weren’t happy with it? Well, it happened to me twice already!! I once bought some unbranded device, which obviously didn’t last long AND obviously should have expected much from it, being unbranded 😉 but then bought the BT Midland, which is known to be a good one!! Midlands manufacture a number of communication systems and are surely most worldwide know for their 2-way radios! So what would you expect a motorcycle bluetooth device to be? Well, I’ve expected more than I had for sure! Sound quality leaves a lot to be desired and, what’s even more and more important, the battery life is really bad!! Imagine being on a trip for a couple of days and the battery drains every single day after approx 8hrs!!

Surely when one is on the move one needs a system which is reliable in terms of sound, quality and battery life!!! I have lately came across the brand Interphone!! I read quite some articles and comments about them so decided to go for one! At first, I wasn’t sure which model I should buy but then asked some guys at a BMW Interphone F5MCdealership who took the necessary time to explain me what the differences are, between the F3, F4 & F5 MC units!

All 3 models are carefully manufactured to give an average of 12hrs talk time, 700hrs standby time and charge in max 3hrs. Just like most other bluetooth devices one can opt for voice dialing, redial, call reject & last number redial from the control unit itself, without the need touch your mobile on the move! While the F5 is a 4-way conference system, i.e can connect up to 4 different bikes or with 2 bikes, rider & passenger, and transmits up to approx 1.3km, the F4 is a 2-way system, allowing rider to rider or rider to passenger communication but up to 800m, and the F3 is a rider to passenger communication only! The F4 & F5 comes as well with an built-in FM Radio. All 3 models surely are compatible to connect to most major GPS systems and all mobile phones equipped with bluetooth!

Interphone F3MCThe market is full of motorcycle bluetooth systems but how many of them are up to standard, with the required safety features one would like to have on such devices? Also, how many of them are good enough to be used for years and years? And what’s even of utmost importance ….. how long will the battery withstand constant use without showing much affect?

We have today shared with you some info about the Interphone Motorcycle Bluetooth Systems but will very shortly share with you a full report / review on one of the system that Interphone has on the market! Keep check our site for more!!

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