Prepare Your Bike For The Riding Season

0_2013-04-15 10.03.37How many of us do use our bike all year round? Well, I do! 🙂 Having said that, not everyone does have the pleasure to live in a place where it’s sunny almost all year round ….. with an exception to this winter 😛 Even though most of us real bikers do in fact use our motorcycle all year round, I’m sure there a number of us out there who doesn’t! And today I thought to target specifically those! Those who own one of those nice custom motorcycles full of …… things to polish 😉 most of the time are in this category too! 🙂

Today, I thought to go through with you
and give you a list of this things you should check in order to prepare your bike for the riding season! There’s a number of things to check but these are, in my opinion, the most important things to check!

I think the first thing to mention is the battery! Ok, one can just plug in a charger and charge the battery but, if you wish to prolong the lifetime of your battery, it’s best it’s kept on charge throughout the whole duration the bike isn’t in use! There’s a number of good chargers out there that do take care of the battery for you. One of which is the basic trickle charger, which charges and keeps giving a trickle charge every now and then, but there’s also some more professional ones, that every given time, they stay discharging and charging the battery for you! As I’m sure everyone knows, fully discharging and charging a battery every now and them does prolong the battery life! For those who didn’t have this pro charger, then what’s important to do is to grease the battery terminals before plugging in the leads!

Lights! Try out all your lights and make sure that they’re all working …. parking lights, low, normal and high beam lights, tail lights, brake lights, fog lights, licence plate light, instrument lights and, the optional 😉 indicators!2014-03-22 14.09.58r

Next are the tires! Tires are a very important factor on a bike, basically our safety depends so much on them. First, check that the tread depth is in between 1.6-2mm. If that’s ok, then make sure the tire pressure is as per your manufacturer’s manual and then check that that the tire is evenly worn out and not damaged! Last thing to check on the tire is the age! Make sure that it’s not older than 6 years! You’ll find the manufacturing date on the tire itself, usually marked as “Dot No”. If the Dot-No is say 0514, then that means that the tire was manufactured in week 5 of 2014!

Another important and safety aspect of the bikes are the brakes! I’m sure everyone agrees with me 😉 There’s no maybe yes or maybe no, it’s either good or bad! Brake pads usually have a notch ….. seeing this notch? Yes? Then they’re fine! Not seeing it? Then make sure you replace them and do so at your earliest! When new, brake pads are usually in between 5-6mm thick and, when worn, should be replaced before they reach 1mm. It’s good to at least change the brake fluid in not less than once in 2 years!

Next would be the chain, always if your bike uses one and isn’t a shaft-drive! 😉 Clean properly, make sure it’s not rusted, grease it and check the tension! In theory, from top to bottom, there should be approx 3cm play!

Check your oil levels and if you haven’t done a service close to the end of your least season, maybe it’s worth thinking to do one!

That’s basically it! Take care of your bike and give it a good warm-up! Don’t rev the engine too much until you can feel it settled down. Everything needs time to get back to its proper working condition and rr2014-03-22 14.38.01pushing it in the first few km won’t help! Take care of your bike and the bike will then take care of you! 😉

We tried to share with you what we think is best to definitely check for the good of the bike and your safety. If you’re not sure your bike is ready to hit the roads, or even if its roadworthy, seek advice from a specialist!

Enjoy your rides, guys! Keep safe!

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